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DEPARTMENTS: Opening Salvo

Salvo 8

by James M. Kushiner

Well, I am filling in for Bobby Maddex. Alas, he is no longer our full-time editor, but the good news is that he is still with Salvo. While he has (understandably) taken over his father’s ministry as the director of Ancient Faith Radio, Bobby remains enthusiastically engaged as a senior editor on our editorial board. I am happy to say that he will continue writing many of the departments, such as Shrapnel and Blips, that give Salvo its unique edge, plus an occasional article or interview.

I am also very pleased to announce that Michael Medved has joined our editorial advisory board. His courageous commentary, both in his books and on his popular weekday and nationally syndicated radio program (The Michael Medved Show), provides a haven of clear thinking about our culture. So we are honored that he is giving the Salvo Parting Shot in this issue (p. 64).

Bobby and I are also happy to announce that, at long last, the redesign of Salvo is complete. We think it’s a greatly improved package. The most important change is that each new Salvo will now cover, rather than one theme topic, all three topics that we use in our subtitle: Sex, Science & Society. So we will have three main sections devoted to these topics in each issue. Just look at our redesigned Table of Contents and you’ll see the plan.

On the second page of our new Table of Contents you will still find our various departments: Incoming, Shrapnel, Decode, Collateral Damage, The Trenches, Crosshairs, Blips, and so on. Some readers have asked me if we will continue running our fake ads. Absolutely! They are perhaps our most popular item. It’s sad that, given our current culture, some of them almost seem legit!

Also, we are launching a new item called Great Escapes. In the first installment (p. 58), we present the story of Brian Westad, Club Director for the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center (IDEA). Westad tells us exactly what helped him avoid sliding into atheism despite the materialistic biases of many of his teachers. There are many others like him, who have resisted the temptations of moral relativism, the pressures of political correctness, or the narrow-mindedness of materialism. We want to tell their stories in Great Escapes, too, and thereby remind ourselves that resistance is not futile!

Salvo uses the wording and imagery of warfare—you’ve certainly noticed, as I mentioned earlier, that Salvo has departments with names such as Decode, Shrapnel, Collateral Damage, and the like. I also like to think that Salvo helps equip our readers for both defensive and offensive engagement. They’re preparing themselves for the daily attacks of a hostile culture, as well as acquiring ammunition for taking the offensive and speaking up against specious arguments. Who knows? They may even assist others in making a Great Escape! Indeed, most such Escapes are made because someone else helped, by either word or example. Indeed, all of us—I, you, the Salvo team, and other readers—are in this together; like a growing army of resistance.

So I’d like to give you a mission—if you choose to accept it. Salvo is a valuable magazine, but more people should be reading it. Salvo could do so much more if we could reach more men and women and enlist them in the Salvo resistance. Even though we don’t have financial resources to spread the news about Salvo, we have an even more important resource—our readers.

To succeed, we need your help on a number of fronts. Your mission is to help spread the word about Salvo. Here are some ways you can do that:

1. Tell everyone you know (friends, family, church, school, pastor, priest, youth pastor, librarian, and co-workers) about Salvo. If you’re on any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, why not put up a link to a Salvo article? Or if you have a website or blog, how about giving Salvo a plug?

2. Buy gift subscriptions for friends and family. Have you already done that? Then buy a gift subscription for your church, school, or local library.

3. Call or visit your local bookstore or newsstand. The magazine is on more than 400 newsstands and bookstores around the country. Is your local Barnes & Noble carrying Salvo? Does the bookstore by your home or in your church carry it? If not, ask them to start. I’d be happy to let you know which stores across the U.S. stock Salvo magazine.

4. Pass out Salvo materials at events! Do you attend youth events, conferences, or local gatherings where copies of Salvo could be distributed and promoted? Then perhaps you would be willing to hand out Salvo materials.

5. Start a local Salvo reading group for subscribers and potential subscribers. If you need back issues to use in starting up your group, we’d be happy to supply them.

6. Send me an email! If you’d like complimentary copies of Salvo to give to friends, family, youth groups, your church, the local library, a college professor, etc., then email me. You can reach me at Even if you’d like to drop a note about what you like (or dislike!) about Salvo, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Think about the list above and the mission of Salvo. Spread the word. Write me. And thanks for reading Salvo! The magazine couldn’t have gotten this far without your generosity, honest feedback, and loyal support. The friends of Salvo are faithful; and I’m grateful.

And keep remembering . . . Resistance is not futile! —James M. Kushiner, Executive Editor

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