Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012: A Great Culture Warrior

Andrew Breitbart I am stunned and sad today to hear of the loss of Andrew Breitbart. I interviewed Andrew last year. As it turned out, our interview, which had been scheduled weeks in advance, took place during the very week that he broke the Anthony Weiner Twittered sex pictures story. It was Andrew who coined the term “Weinergate.” Andrew was also sick that week, occasionally breaking into a hacking cough mid-sentence. Even so, in the midst of an intense week, he gave me nearly an hour of his time. He was respectful, kind, and authentic.

Andrew possessed that rare but potent blend of courage and humility, taking on a corrupt media at great personal cost because it needed to be done. He leaves behind a wife, four children, and a growing media organization dedicated to reporting the truth the mainstream outlets don’t. Click here to read our conversation.