Michael Cook on the Sexual Revolution

Salvo contributing editor (and the editor MercatorNet) Michael Cook has written a thoughtful article over at Intellectual Takeout. Why Did the Sexual Revolution Happen? He concludes his piece with this:

. . . Once upon a time the West resonated with the spine-tingling opening words of the Communist Manifesto, “A spectre is haunting Europe,” the spectre of justice for the proletariat. A latter-day Marx would have to write, “A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of unfulfilled sexual desire.”

A paradigm example of this was Hillary Clinton’s response to a question in her third debate with Trump the other day. She was asked to identify the most important priorities for the Supreme Court. Of the three, the first two were abortion and gay rights. Workers were invisible. Reich would have applauded.

What lessons does Del Noce’s analysis have for us? He was writing in 1970, but the factors he identified as contributors to the “ascendancy of eroticism” are on the money. Scorn for religion, the belief that science and metaphysics are mutually exclusive, hatred for Christianity as the principal agent of repression, and support from the business world are all are playing their roles in advancing same-sex marriage and transgenderism. Where “eroticism” originated, how it works and how it spreads can be identified. Equipped with that knowledge, we are in a position to contain and cure it.

I highly recommend that you read the entire article in which he outlines the history of the sexual revolution–based on the paper by Augusto Del Noce titled “The Ascendance of Eroticism.” Key events and trends include: The French Revolution, enlightenment science, modern scientism, hatred of Christianity, and consumer capitalism.

More from this author can be found online at the new and improved Salvo website.

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On Wrongthink and Intimidation

Here is a great video from Prager U and Kimberley Strassel, author of The Intimidation Game.

This topic has been written about in the pages of Salvo:

The Battle of Walkerton
Kevin O’Connor & the Defiant Survival of Memories Pizza
by Terrell Clemmons

. . . People of conscience would do well to reflect on the attempted takedown of Memories Pizza. Crystal clearly told the reporter that Memories would never deny service to a gay couple who came in to eat. But in response to a pointed question, she did say, “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no.” As if people routinely call upon pizza joints to provide their wedding reception dinner. It was clearly a setup—a sting interview cavalierly crafted to get multiple page views; good-faith reporting be damned. At that, it was wildly successful, but it also roused an alarmingly malicious mob demanding obeisance or blood. They got neither, at least not from Kevin or Crystal.

And there’s something else to reflect on here. In Maoist China, when an individual fell out of favor with the powers that be, he or she would be summoned to a “self-criticism” session—something akin to an ideological tarring and feathering. The entire community would loudly denounce the person, usually for no other reason than to avoid becoming the next self-criticism subject. As I watched the mob tactics play out in Indiana, I couldn’t help but think of this practice of conspicuous denunciation—the difference being, in America, that subjects don’t have to attend their own denunciation. . . .

I would also like to draw your attention to another instance of this kind of bullying. This time it’s happening at a Catholic university towards a brilliant professor for holding to Catholic views regarding sex and marriage. Rod Dreher writes of it at The American Conservative:

. . . We may wish to maintain a faithful presence in the institutions of culture, but that doesn’t mean the culture wants us there, or will let us remain without crossing lines that we cannot in good conscience cross. What then? At the present moment, the literature professor, Dante scholar, and orthodox Catholic Anthony Esolen is under severe attack at his own institution, Providence College, for having recently written a couple of essays criticizing the present conception of “diversity” on his Catholic campus, and reflecting on the persecutorial phase of our culture (here’s one, and here’s the other). Protesting students and even some faculty are attempting to drive him out of the college for wrongthink. They may not succeed, not if tenure means anything, but they are likely to succeed in making his life there hell, such that he would love to shake the dust off his feet and get out of town. . . .

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And of course over the years Salvo has covered all of these issues within its pages. Be sure to check out our new and improved online archives, organized by topic. Topics include: Civilization, Philosophy, and Prudence–a great online resource.


From the latest issue of Salvo. The New Sex Primer: Transgenderism Is Forced into Public Schools by Laurie Higgins


By the fall of 2017, kindergartners in Washington State will be taught to “understand the range of gender roles, identity, and expression across cultures.” For those unclear about what precisely will be taught, the kindergarten curriculum developers provide a helpful glossary that includes a definition of “gender”:

Gender: A social construct based on emotional, behavioral, and cultural characteristics attached to a person’s assigned biological sex. A person’s social and/or legal status as male or female.

• Gender expression. The way someone outwardly expresses their gender, whether consciously or unconsciously.

• Gender identity. Someone’s inner sense of their gender (see Transgender).

• Gender roles. Social expectations about how people should act, think, or feel based on their assigned biological sex.

Kindergarten now marks the starting point for government indoctrination of children into the brave, new, sexless, science-denying orthodoxy of the “transgender” movement, the end result of which is not a more compassionate society, but a society in which there is no public recognition of, or respect for, sexual differentiation.

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