Feeling What We Know

Are there people who feel no remorse? Perhaps, but they still have a conscience. by J. Budziszewski

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  • Conscience is not about what we feel, but about what we know.

  • Remorse and regret are not about what we know, but about how we feel about what we know. New Balance Baratas

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  • Guilt is the condition of having done wrong; awareness of guilt is the knowledge of being in this state; and the sense of guilt is a feeling resulting from such knowledge. fjällräven kånken Mini Sac à Dos Kanken Fjallraven Considering these distinctions, it should be entirely possible for a person to have a conscience yet have no remorse. Air Jordan 2 New Balance buty The very fact that people with antisocial personality disorder make excuses for their bad behaviour shows that they know that right and wrong are different things. chaussures nike mochilas kanken baratas A being who didn’t understand the difference wouldn’t even grasp the concept of an excuse. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames mochilas kanken big . Nike Air Max 90 Donna Bianche

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    A good read from J.

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  • Budziszewski and our friends at Mercatornet. new balance 996 beige homme Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen We at Salvo are fans of Prof. Maglia LeBron James adidas yeezy boost 550 hombre Budziszewski and he’s been in our pages a number of times over years. new balance 1600 daytona ronnie fieg

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  • An interesting thinker—I recommend these articles to you.

    Essential Salvo Articles on Sex in the City of Man

    Sane Sex The Truth About Men & Women by Terrell Clemmons

    . . . adidas superstar dzieci?ce This naturally leads into “The Meaning of the Sexual Differences,” which explores the distinctive traits of maleness and femaleness. Obviously, the corresponding body parts of a man and a woman, when working as intended, result in the propagation of the species, but there’s more to the complementarity than the physical. “The essential difference between men and women,” the teacher writes, “the underlying reality that gives rise to all their other differences, is that men are in potentiality to be fathers, and women are in potentiality to be mothers.” In other words, the male and female psychologies and innate dispositions, in addition to the distinct physiologies, operate in concert to continually regenerate the human race. . . tn requin pas cher .

    World War Sex A Global Revolution Imperils Men, Women & Children: An Interview with Gabriele Kuby by Benjamin J. Vail

    . negozi new balance milano . . Creighton Bluejays asics pas cher Gabriele Kuby warns that the global trend of “gender mainstreaming” threatens the fundamental understanding of our very human nature, with dire consequences for children, families, and society as a whole. . . .

    Facts Evasion When It Comes to Sex, the Left Hates Science by Hunter Baker

    . . . Fjällräven Kånken Abortions continue to be performed in huge numbers despite the past assurances of some on the left that modern birth control would eliminate the need for the grisly procedure. And of the children who are born, an alarmingly high number are born to single mothers. As a group, these children are substantially more likely to do poorly in school, abuse drugs, commit crimes, require governmental assistance, and serve time in jail—and to see the cycle repeated when they have children of their own. Is it a scientific outlook that would maintain that this state of affairs is somehow conducive to human flourishing? Or would the evidence-driven observer be more likely to affirm that sex within marriage is far more advantageous to women than promiscuity? . Kanken Classic Baratas . .

    Sex, Lies & Video Games Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys by Kay S. Hymowitz reviewed by Rebecca Edwards

    . . fjallraven kanken sale . Nike Air Max Goedkoop It has been almost universally true throughout history and across cultures that boys become men once they are able to support and protect a wife and family. In Western countries, however, this expectation has drastically diminished. Gone are the days when boys underwent rigorous trials and rites of passage to establish their status as men and their ability to undertake familial responsibilities and cultural leadership. Today’s boys are often left aimless, without being given a clear picture as to what makes a man. Zapatillas AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO Largely free from societal expectations, they waste away much of their 20s and 30s playing video games, watching ESPN and Adam Sandler movies, drinking, and enjoying casual sex. . .

    The Tyranny of the Minority How the Forced Recognition of Same-Sex “Marriage” Undermines a Free Society by S. T. Karnick

    . ffxiv gil cheap . . What’s at issue here is not whether people can declare themselves married and find other people to agree with them and treat them as such. No, what’s in contention is whether the government should force everyone to recognize such “marriages.” Far from being a liberating thing, the forced recognition of same-sex “marriage” is a governmental intrusion of monumental proportions. . . .

    Cohabitation Marriage Lite or the New Concubinage? by Alan F. H. air max 1 pas cher Wisdom

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    . . Defenders of cohabitation portray it as just a more flexible form of marriage. The love is the same as in marriage, they say; all that is missing is “a piece of paper,” the marriage certificate. nike air max 1 leopard solde Some see cohabitation as a “trial marriage.” They assume that living together will confirm a couple’s compatibility and reduce the odds that a subsequent marriage might end in divorce. . . . Social science does not support any of these assertions. By every measure, cohabitation is a very different relationship from marriage. . ..

    Desperately Disconnected 50 Shades of Grey & the Longings of the Female Heart by Terrell Clemmons


    . . Like all good researchers, they started with observation.

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  • Slattery read the 50 Shades series and identified five longings of the female heart, based on the roller-coaster ride of emotions she felt as she read. Maglie NBA a Poco Prezzo Meanwhile, Gresh listened to stories of women who read this mushrooming genre and consulted the guidelines for its authors. She then identified five characteristics of popular erotica. Though the two women worked independently, their lists matched up remarkably. Memphis Tigers mochilas fjallraven kanken baratas Take a look. . new balance 373 prix . adidas zx new balance 1600 femme .

    Pink Cross The Story of Shelley Lubben, Former Porn Star by Judith Reisman

    . . . As a veteran student of pornography and prostitution, I did not expect to learn anything new from watching Shelley Lubben’s public testimony. nike air max 1 ultra moire femme I was wrong. Shelley’s description of the sexual violence and degradation of modern pornography was a shock, even to me. It made me think that it made perfect sense to hear that she had left her economically rewarding “star” roles to return to a safer life doing “straight” prostitution. . . nike air max 1 pas cher .

    Lie Charts A New Book Explains How Kinsey Perverted a Nation with False Science by Marcia Segelstein

    . . . Just three years after World War II ended and the war heroes returned home, Americans came under attack again. Kanken No.2 Baratas This time, it wasn’t brutal dictators and their armies leading the assault, it was a pseudo-scientist named Alfred Kinsey. His 1948 book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, shocked the nation and lit the spark for what would become the sexual revolution. new balance 1300 femme America would never be the same. asics gel lyte 5 hombre blancas .

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  • . .

    Slave Master How Pornography Drugs & Changes Your Brain by Donald L. Hilton, Jr.

    . Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017 scarpe nike air max bambino scontate . Jake Arrieta Jersey . What does this have to do with pornography? Pornography is a visual pheromone, a powerful, $100 billion per year brain drug that is changing human sexuality by “inhibiting orientation” and “disrupting pre-mating communication between the sexes by permeating the atmosphere,” especially through the internet. I believe we are currently struggling in the war against pornography because many continue to believe two key fallacies: Fallacy No. asics italia cuneo 1: Pornography is not a drug. Fallacy No. 2: Pornography is therefore not a real addiction. .

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  • . Jameis Winston – Florida State Seminoles .

    Germs of Promiscuity Sexually Transmitted Infections by Marcia Segelstein

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  • What happened to unleash such an epidemic within a few decades? In a nutshell, the sexual revolution. Thanks in part to Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent research, which purported to prove that ordinary Americans were engaging in illicit, extramarital, and deviant sexual acts in large numbers, and in part to the advent of widely available artificial contraception, especially the Pill, sexual mores began to shift. Author Mary Eberstadt offers this succinct definition of the sexual revolution in her book, Adam and Eve After the Pill: Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution: “the ongoing destigmatization of all varieties of nonmarital sexual activity, accompanied by a sharp rise in such sexual activity, in diverse societies around the world (most notably, in the most advanced).” . . .

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    This Past Weekend Modern Europe Died

    51JnBP2io-L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_by Michael Avramovich In his magisterial book, Dark Continent, Professor Mark Mazower’s history of 20th century Europe, describes how Europe was the killing field of the 20th century. Adidas Zx 700 soldes For decade after decade, Europe was the site of wars, great destitution, and numerous attempts to destroy and exterminate whole populations. Hundreds of millions of Europeans were killed, imprisoned, tortured and expelled in the name of racial, political and national ideological “progress,” including an entire generation of my family. One of the most powerful sections in his book was his description of how the eugenic and racist policies of the Nazis actually were an extension of policy recommendations of social and medical “reformers“ in other nations. Professor Mazower writes, “The German racial welfare state . . new balance 998 . Fjallraven Kanken Kids was in so many ways the apotheosis of very widespread trends in European social thought,” which we know from Scandinavian, French, Swiss and American legislation authorizing sterilization and other eugenic policies. New Balance 1400 damskie The Nazis simply brought German efficiency to these eugenic policies. In the United States, many supporters of Planned Parenthood and its organizational predecessors supported the eugenic trends in Europe. Maglie Phoenix Suns Even our nation’s Supreme Court ruled in Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927), that a state statute permitting compulsory sterilization of the unfit, including the intellectually disabled, ”for the protection and health of the state” did not violate the Constitution. nike air jordan 12 mujer Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., famously concluded his ruling by declaring, “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” (Incidentally, this Supreme Court decision has never been expressly overturned.) Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, believed that through abortion, birth control, forced sterilization and euthanasia, society could rid itself of “the unfit.” And who were the unfit? She dedicated her life to ridding the world mostly of poor black babies, whom she described as “degenerate and defective.” She was a featured guest of the Ku Klux Klan and a proponent of the eugenic policies of the Nazi regime in the 1930s. But, she wrote, one needn’t fear unfair excesses because “the rights of the individual could be equally well safeguarded by the Nazi regime.” After all, she noted in a letter praising Nazi eugenic efforts, “There are 1,700 special courts and 27 higher courts in Germany to review the cases. . nike air max 90 homme pas cher . Canotte Basket . but in no case should the rights of society be disregarded.” Now we have come full circle. It was widely reported on Saturday that a terminally ill 17-year-old became the first minor to be officially euthanized in Belgium since age restrictions on euthanasia were lifted in 2014. Jacqueline Herremans, a member of Belgium’s federal euthanasia commission (death panel?), said in a French media report, “The euthanasia has taken place.” She further announced that the euthanasia was done “in accordance with Belgian law.” Few details were provided other than the minor child had “a terminal illness.” Belgium is presently the only country in the world that allows terminally-ill children of any age to choose to end their life, but Belgian law requires that the minor be capable of making “rational decisions.” Further, any request for euthanasia must be made by the minor, be studied by a team of doctors, approved by an independent psychiatrist or psychologist, and have parental consent. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 The only thing missing is the 1,700 special courts and 27 higher courts to give their legal authorization….always within the law, of course. The Netherlands also allows mercy killings for children, but only for those aged over 12.

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    When you subscribe with this special offer. A reduced rate too! Only $19.99! From the issue: The (Not So) Great Divide Why the Tensions Between Science & Faith Are Misunderstood & Overblown by William A. Donne Scarpe Air Jordan 4 adidas femme dentelle nike air max 1 Adidas Pas Cher

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  • Dembski & Denyse O’Leary

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  • some science historians—Templeton prize winner Stanley Jaki (1924–2009), for one—have stressed the ways in which the Bible’s worldview encourages science. adidas superstar rose gold femme new balance 1500 burnt orange Many religions, past and present, do not. new balance 574 homme gris Nike Roshe Run Dames

    Fjallraven Kanken Kopen Soldes Nike Pas Cher These teach that the whole world is God, or that God is a being (or beings) within the world, or that the world is just an illusion that we ought to see through. Air Max Zero Mujer ADIDAS ZX 750

    Air Max 90 Donna Nere

    Maglia Carmelo Anthony adidas tubular boost The Bible, by contrast, makes it clear that God created a real world that is separate from himself. Air Jordan 9 Homme

    Air Max 90 Femme Nike Air Max Dames Creation is a divine invention that follows fixed laws, not a divine being—a work of art, if you like, not a person. nike air max 2016 heren new balance 993 outlet Maglia Stephen Curry Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Big Therefore, scientists can, as Kepler put it, worship God by studying the creation (“reading God’s thoughts after him”). Scarpe Air Jordan Detroit Pistons Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher . FREE RN

    NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 34 Jordan Galaxy New Balance 1400 m?skie . Herschel Walker UGA Jersey Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze Adidas buty dzieci?ce .

    A Nasty Guy with No Heart?

    Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.03.22 AM In the news: Donald Trump has lashed out at Dr. New Balance 247 m?skie Russell Moore on Twitter recently. Canotte Phoenix Suns

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  • You can read the why about it here, but let us just assure you that Mr. Trump is way off base. asics gel lyte pas cher Sac À Dos Fjallraven Kanken We’ve interviewed Dr. nike chaussures kanken baratas Moore in Salvo, where he discusses religious liberty, the gay issue, raising children, and what the church should be focusing on. adidas zx

    Salvo: It seems that Christians are in a difficult period in history, considering that there was a time when American culture more closely reflected Christian values. Clayton Kershaw Jersey New Balance 997 hombre Given that, are you optimistic about the world your children and future grandchildren will grow up in?

    Dr. Nick Chubb UGA Jersey Moore: I’m very optimistic because I don’t think the Church’s survival is dependent upon the culture. Scarpe Nike Online Shop Outlet I think the cultural shifts happening around us right now may be very bad for America but very good for the Church. NIKE AIR ZOOM VOMERO 11

    We have had in certain regions of this country an American civil religion with an “almost-gospel” that I think is now falling away. Air Jordan Retro 8 New Balance 997 m?skie And what is left is the Church. Chaussure Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 And I think that’s a very good thing.

  • What we need is an authentic Christianity with an explicit gospel witness, not the sort of nominal affiliation in which people become identified with Christianity because that’s the American thing to do. I think that God quite routinely in history shakes his Church out of complacency and out of cultural captivity, and I think that’s what’s happening now.

    The whole article can be found here: Don’t Miss Mayberry: An Interview with Russell D. Nike Air Jordan 3 Womens nike free 3.0 v5 ext leopard Moore by Marcia Segelstein