A New Video from Live Action Plus Salvo Articles on Abortion

This was posted yesterday by Live Action: Salvo has interviewed Live Action’s founder Ms. Lila Rose a few times over the years, and I encourage you to look up more Live Action videos on youtube. Salvo has covered the topic of abortion from many angles as well. See below. Acting for Life An Interview with Lila Rose

“. . . We’ve known about the trafficking of the body parts of children for years now, so it wasn’t surprising. But it’s always heartbreaking and deeply disturbing to see it and hear it again. Even after being involved in this movement for twelve years, it still moves me deeply when I have an encounter with the violence that’s done to children we’re trying to protect and the heartache it causes families, mothers, all of society. . . . “

The Big Kill Abortion Is by Far the Deadliest Thing—Ever Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.27.44 PM

Harm’s Way Men, Abortion & Hemingway

. . . new balance 1980 zante roma despite the feminists’ attempts to silence men on the subject, abortion is, and always will be, a matter that concerns men as much as women. Oregon Ducks Every unborn child, whether aborted or carried to term, is the offspring of a father as well as a mother, and the mere presence of “it” presents a new “thing” in his life with which he must contend. From the moment he receives the news, he has a choice to make: Will he rise, like a man, to the momentous task his male activity has wrought? Or will he shrink back in search of some sideways escape? The choice he makes will have lifelong consequences for him. . Boston Celtics . .

Look! A Baby! The Argument Against Abortion

. . . The religious justifications of abortion are not based on revelation, and the “rationalist” justifications of abortion self-evidently cannot be. Owa Odighizuwa

  • They are certainly not based on reason. Nike Jordan 11 Future So they are based on nothing at all, except perhaps will and power. . . .

    A Buried Grief Finally, There Is More Help for Women Hurt by Abortion

    . . new balance 1400 femme . According to Burke and others in the field whom I spoke with, typical manifestations of post-abortion trauma include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, nightmares, and difficulty with intimacy. mochilas kanken no.2 Some reactions are delayed for years; others are immediate. “I think most women, if they knew it was going to impact them in such a negative way, would never, ever in a million years have chosen to have an abortion,” Burke told me. “Having a baby would have been a breeze compared to trying to deal with all the problems that were borne later.” . . .

    Roe v. Women Pro “Choice” Clearly Harms Those It Claims to Help

    . . . To pit the rights of prospective mothers against the rights of their unborn children is to begin the discussion with a false presumption—namely, that the interests of the two parties are at odds with one another. They are not. To harm the child is to harm the mother, and vice versa. California Golden Bears . nike air max command cuir . adidas yeezy boost 350 hombre .

    Death in Bangkok Opposition to Abortion Is Not Just a Judeo-Christian Thing

    . . adidas zx 500 mujer . Thailand is a star performer in government-sponsored family planning. In the 1960s women had an average of about 6.5 children. T.J. Yeldon – Alabama Crimson Tide Now the average is about 1.8 children. Contraception is widely available. So even if abortion is frowned upon as the destruction of unborn human life, the dynamics of a contraceptive lifestyle make it more and more likely that women will resort to it. There can be little doubt why the abortion mills thrive in the face of public disgust, religious denunciations, and the danger of police raids. . . .

    Planned Parenthood Where the Blood & Money Flow

    . . Nike Air Max 2017 Heren wit . Blood aside, it’s hard to single out one offense from the many. There are the allegations of massive misuse of public funds—for example, charges of Medicaid fraud totaling (to date) close to $100 million. Or the charges of practicing suspicious medicine, such as giving clients false information about fetal development and mishandling prescription drugs.

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  • And then there is the recorded evidence of complicity in statutory rape1 and child sex trafficking,2 due to the failure to report suspected perpetrators as required by law. These activities are all shady enough to warrant comparing Planned Parenthood to the mafia. . Marcus Mariota .

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