On “Deeply Held Beliefs”

bruce-springsteen-north-carolina__oPtFrom The Daily Caller:

A petition on Change.org has garnered nearly 500 signatures in support of Bruce Springsteen’s decision to cancel an April 10 concert in Greensboro, NC. “Bruce Springsteen has a right to his deeply held beliefs. He has a right to control his business and refuse to do business with those he disagrees with.”

It appears that the boss can get away with denying his services to those with whom he disagrees based on his “deeply held beliefs” that men and women NEED to be able to share a toilet. Not so much for those who are on the other side such debates. Do you remember Memories? MemoriesPizzaTweetedThreat040115 The Battle of Walkerton: Kevin O’Connor & the Defiant Survival of Memories Pizza

. . . Maglie Phoenix Suns People of conscience would do well to reflect on the attempted takedown of Memories Pizza.

  • Crystal clearly told the reporter that Memories would never deny service to a gay couple who came in to eat. But in response to a pointed question, she did say, “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no.” As if people routinely call upon pizza joints to provide their wedding reception dinner. It was clearly a setup—a sting interview cavalierly crafted to get multiple page views; good-faith reporting be damned. Adidas sklep At that, it was wildly successful, but it also roused an alarmingly malicious mob demanding obeisance or blood. LSU Tigers . air max soldes . asics sneakers sklep .

    Further reading from Salvo: Intolerant Tolerance: The Myth of Moral Neutrality

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  • . mochilas kanken these advocates claim that their own position is morally neutral.

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  • It isn’t, and it really can’t be. But their objection to judgments like Pace’s reflects the assumption, held by many, that only their opponents are trying to “impose their morality” on society. In fact, it is in the nature of their own advocacy to do so. .

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