Born December 11, 1918. Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Today is the birthday of Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918–2008). adidas gazelle homme blanche

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  • Who was he, you ask? The following is from Salvo issue #25. air max pas cher Truth vs. State: It Takes Courage to Confront False Ideologies by H. Lynn Gardner Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    A Russian writer, found a passion to tell the truth. Asics Gel Kayano Evo Homme He became a Marxist as a teenager but landed in prison after World War II because of a criticism he made of Stalin in a personal letter. Seeing the ruthlessness of the communists, he came to realize that their goal was not to improve society but to dominate. He acknowledged the sinfulness of the human heart and the futility of a selfish life based on materialism.

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  • He became a Christian while in prison. After prison, he was exiled. Nike Air Jordan homme Solzhenitsyn felt led by God to document the crimes of the Russian state, recording the sufferings of his fellow citizens. Adidas Superstar Femme Noire His Gulag Archipelago documents the horrors of communist prisons. New Balance 993 m?skie He expressed his passion for truth in the essay “The Oak and the Calf”: “For the writer intent on truth, life never was, never is (and never will be!) easy: his like have suffered every imaginable harassment. Charlotte Hornets . air max 2017 wit . asics gel kinsei 5 homme . Air Jordan 11 Homme Air Jordan 12 Retro I must write simply to ensure that it was not all forgotten, that posterity might someday come to know of it.” He continued, “All my life I had been tortured by the impossibility of speaking the truth aloud. My whole life had been spent hacking my way to an open space where I could tell the truth in public. . . Nike Air Max 2018 Homme . I believe that we shall repent, that we shall be spiritually cleansed, that the Russian nation will be reborn.” Upon winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970, he declared, “One word of truth outweighs the entire world.” Further Reading: (from Touchstone) The Last Prophet Ian Hunter on Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    (from Salvo) Solitary Refinement How One Man Found Freedom Inside a Communist Prison An interview with Fr. adidas sandals enfants scarpe asics running online Roman Braga by James M.

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