“Three-parent” IVF, it’s more than an organ donation

Britain’s House of Commons has approved, by an overwhelming majority, to allow a form of technology that involves replacing the nucleus of one woman’s egg with the nucleus of another to be used in so-called “three-parent IVF.” This vote has been wrought with controversy. Scarpe Air Jordan 3.5 nike air max pas cher Many people are hopeful that this technology will help those women with mitochondrial disease to have biological children without passing on their mitochondrial DNA. Nike Air Max Others are concerned about the long-term consequences that this procedure will have on the children born from it. Sac Kanken In November of 2013, I wrote an article about mitochondrial screening and three-parent IVF for bioethics.com that discusses the science and the bioethical issues behind these techniques. Nike Air Max 90 Fleur Homme It also provides a some background information on mitochondria. Mujer Air Jordan 7 The issues raised in this article remain relevant to today’s vote. Nike Air Force 1 Women

I do want to add a comment about something that has appeared in recent media reports. Maglia Stephen Curry NIKE AIR PEGASUS 92/16

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  • Julian Savulescu, ethicist at Oxford, said in a recent article in The Guardian that the technology used for “three-parent IVF” is akin to micro-organ, or organelle, donation. Robert Griffin III Baylor Jerseys Arthur Caplan, medical ethicist at NYU, in an article in Wired, also likened this technology to a kind of organ donation. However, replacing the nucleus of an egg with another is not analogous to organ donation, or stem cell donation, because this kind of procedure changes the germ line. Air Max 90 Floreale

    Bo Scarbrough Jersey Solde adidas In other words, the results from replacing the nucleus in an egg cell changes not only the child born from the subsequent IVF procedure, but the children that come from this child, and so on down the generational line. Todd Gurley College Jerseys With something like a kidney transplant or a stem cell transplant, the procedure does not introduce the donor’s DNA into the recipient’s gametes, and thus, does not incorporate new DNA into the germ line. Oklahoma State Cowboys If the recipient has children after receiving an organ or stem cell donation, he or she will not pass the donor’s DNA along to the child. Some would consider the multi-generational effect from this nuclear transfer procedure beneficial because it means that mitochondrial disease is not passed down to the next generation. Nike Air Force 180 Mid

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  • Others are concerned that any unforeseen problems that emerge later would be perpetuated down the generational line. Goedkope Nike Air Max schoenen New Balance 996 damskie Even though there have been studies with primates and human embryos, we cannot truly know if there will be long-term negative effects until it is done on a human embryo that is allowed to mature. However, if we assume, as Julian Savulescu and Arthur Caplan have said, that this technique is like organ (or micro-organ) donation, then should we be concerned with compatibility issues? While the mitochondrial DNA has its own replication and transcription processes and it codes for some of the proteins used in mitochondrial processes, it does not code for all of them. New Balance Pas Cher new balance grigie bambino Many of the genes necessary to code for proteins used in the mitochondria are made from the nuclear DNA. nike air max 90 oreo damskie The proteins are transported from the nucleus to the mitochondria through the cytosol. The assumption is that this interaction will be compatible even though the nucleus and the mitochondria have DNA from different people. Nike Roshe Run Homme Canotte Golden State Warriors Healthy primate offspring have been born from this technique, so this assumptions not unfounded, but, particularly in cases of reproductive technologies, there is a conceptual and biological leap when going from animal models to human subjects. Jordan Big Size Nike Air Max 2017 Dames zwart This technique has, apparently, been done in human embryos that have not been implanted in a womb, but there is a limit to what can be discerned from the laboratory setting because human embryological development is a complex process from beginning to end.

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