Liberty Is No War on Women

Here’s a book I wanted to bring to your attention. adidas zx 700 New Balance 997.5 femme The description from Amazon:

The Left has accused supporters of limited government of waging a “War on Women.” In Liberty Is No War on Women, Lukas and Schaeffer take this charge apart. Belstaff Jackets & Coats nike air jordan 13 homme They demonstrate that liberals’ recipe for ever-bigger government backfires on women by eroding opportunity and true financial security, and explain how returning power to the people is the real key to women’s freedom. adidas stan smith louboutin pas cher femme As Lukas and Schaeffer conclude, the “War on Women” rhetoric is fundamentally insulting to independent women and should be soundly rejected by all Americans.

Salvo had an interview with Ms. Carrie Lukas a while back. It’s well worth your time. christian louboutin

In the chapter “The Myth of Having It All,” you examine why it is that some women have been deceived—or have deceived themselves—into thinking they can have both a career and a strong family. Adidas Superstar Homme Are these expectations the result of our culture actively promoting female supremacy? Certainly much of the culture creates unrealistic expectations and a sense of entitlement. Adidas Superstar Femme Rose But the problem women face is that we often have conflicting desires. Nike Air Max Thea Homme Noir I talked to a lot of college women in the course of writing my book, and it was very common for these intelligent and ambitious young people to tell me that they expected to be both full-time moms and CEOs of major companies. adidas stan smith homme bleu Now, I’m not saying that no woman can accomplish both of these goals, but she’s going to have a tough time doing so. adidas bounce femme Often, “women’s studies” classes and groups like NOW [National Organization for Women] make it seem as though the problem women face in balancing work and family is caused by bad public policy or men who won’t do their share of the housework. Nike Air Max bw Femme But the real problem is simply a consequence of being human: We can’t be two places at once, and there are only 24 hours in a day.

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