3 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Activist Reveals Movement’s True Agenda: Destroy Marriage

  1. Headlines should describe the story, not drive sensationalist junk like this.

    There’s an interesting discussion here to be had, but arguing that this woman who seemed hesitant to describe her children’s situations is a part of a larger movement is ridiculous. If there really are factors that would lead gay rights activists to want to abolish marriage, then you’ll need to make an argument for that, not use one video and declare that it reflects a movement.

  2. Your comment fails to acknowledge that she is a gay right’s ‘activist’ at a literary festival – that is, an event meant to promote and publicize the writings of someone who is engaged in gay rights activism. To so stridently insist that she is one ‘private’ individual obliquely mentioning her personal family situation, outside of the larger context that she is at a public even promoting her writings as a gay rights activist is disingenuous. Your pseudo intellectualism and faux outrage are misplaced. The truth is speaking louder than your words.

  3. I agree that there are facts that would indicate that gay marriage activism might be a subversive step toward destroying marriage. What I don’t agree with is the declaration that one single gay rights activist has “revealed” an agenda. Her position as an activist isn’t relevant unless she is acting as an official spokesperson.

    It’s very possible that this is only one person’s opinion, and you’ve exaggerated the context to support your own ideas.

    To be clear: I am not defending the gay rights movement. I am attacking the lack of critical thinking that went into this headline.

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