Is Gender Neutrality the New Stereotype?

From the new issue of Salvo:

Unmaking a Difference
Is Gender Neutrality the New Stereotype?
by Robin Phillips

I was alerted to the rise of a new stereotype when I read that London’s most popular toy store, Hamleys, was undergoing a complete overhaul. In a move full of symbolic significance, the shop did away with separate girls’ and boys’ sections.1

In itself, this might seem like a harmless bit of remodeling. But it is significant that these changes occurred after activists had condemned the toy store as “sexist.” Hamleys’ attempt to expunge gender from playthings is part of a larger political project that seeks to remove all vestiges of gender from every facet of society, replacing them with a new unisex stereotype to which we must all conform.

I wish I could say that the new stereotype of gender neutrality was limited to toy stores like Hamleys. Alas, no. Earlier this year, the UK newsletters were full of stories about the case of little Sasha Laxton,2 the child of the secret gender.

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