Attention Subscribers – We are now digital

Dear readers,

The current issue of Salvo is now available in digital format for reading on your computer, tablet, phone, or whatever else you got. I sent out an email yesterday to our subscriber list. If you didn’t get this email, it means you never gave us you email to begin with or that you opted out of our emails. If you would like to get the instructions for login, email me and I’ll send the login credentials to you. We’re still finalizing the login system, but this way works for now. We’ll keep you posted on any future updates.


One thought on “Attention Subscribers – We are now digital

  1. I love your magazine, but I prefer digital as I don’t like collecting magazines (hardcopies) and worrying about what to do with them when I am done. Can you guide me in how to subscribe to the digital version of Salvo?


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