Diversity Chief has a Diverse Opinion. Fired.

Well not quite. Hunter Baker posted a link to this story on Facebook, and I think he’s correct in calling this situation a new kind of McCarthyism.

University’s diversity chief put on leave after signing anti-gay marriage petition

However, the details of this story seem to point to cooler heads prevailing as most people involved are trying to be fair about this. But it also goes to show, if you’re going to have the most liberal/PC sounding job title on the planet (University Diversity Chief [!]), you better live up to the expectations of those who hired you.

Dr. Baker has written for Salvo. See below:

A Grave New World: When science trumps religion, our personhood is the casualty

Separation Anxiety: It’s a National Epidemic, So Why Do Couples Continue to Divorce?

Facts Evasion: When It Comes to Sex, the Left Hates Science

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