Timid Parents & the New Anger They’re Facing

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No Fault Kids
Timid Parents & the New Anger They’re Facing
by Marcia Segelstein

Is there anything new under the sun when it comes to teenagers? For generations, adults have complained about adolescents, bemoaning “kids these days” and “the younger generation.” The hormones running through the current crop of teenagers are the same ones that have caused turmoil through the ages. Yet to many parents and those who work closely with teens, something feels very different. Stories abound of wildly outrageous behavior from children at younger and younger ages, not only within their peer group, but in interactions with parents and other adults.

Child psychologist and author Ron Taffel writes about this in his book, Childhood Unbound:

The debate over whether anything is truly different . . . has ended for me. From my twenty-five years as a counselor to children, teens, and their parents, as well as from over a thousand talks in schools, churches, synagogues, and community agencies around the country, I am convinced that not only are kids’ lives qualitatively different today from those of earlier eras, but that parents today are uniquely different, and therefore the parent-child relationship has fundamentally changed as well.

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