Slave Master

One of the most-read articles on the Salvo website is Slave Master: How Pornography Drugs & Changes Your Brain by Donald L. Hilton, Jr.. That article got a bit of a spike last week when it was linked to from The Huffington Post. Go figure. It’s pretty good, except she forgets to mention a few of the other reasons porn is harmful. Example: In a day and age where we can’t even show a horse being whipped on a TV show without having to put some sort of disclaimer in the credits, it’s odd that no one seems to care about the actors in these videos. Because, even if these women (and men) are getting paid and they are acting on their own free will, these real people are most definitely being harmed emotionally AND physically. Men and women thinking through the issue should remember that too. This is something that Shelley’s ministry faces every day. The Story of Shelley Lubben, Former Porn Star by Judith Reisman.

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