Reclaiming Dignity in a Culture of Commodification

Some of the Salvo staff will be attending this conference on bioethics–with a focus this year on women’s health issues–this Thursday through Saturday (July 12 – 14) at Trinity University in Deerfield, Illinois. Salvo columnist Paige Comstock Cunningham will be giving the opening plenary talk on the topic “Reclaiming Her Dignity: From Commodification to Community.” See below for more information.

About the Conference

Human dignity, once a cornerstone for bioethics, is increasingly obscured by a contemporary culture of commodification. Myopic fixation on sexuality, fertility, and reproduction reduces the female body to a resource for medical exploitation and reproductive tourism. Procreation is being engulfed by the reproductive imperative and the child of choice. Without neglecting the ongoing emphases on beginning- and end-of-life issues, our task must include attention to prenatal discrimination, the neglect of the girl child, worldwide disparities in women’s healthcare and maternal mortality, and the objectification and exploitation of the female body. Responsible Christian bioethics embraces her dignity as essential to her community and foundational to our common humanity. Join us as we explore important ethical considerations surrounding developments in reproductive practices and global women’s health through the lens of reclaiming dignity in a culture of commodification.

And speaking of our culture of commodification, you should really read this statement written by Robert P. George and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. A thought-provoking read. Pornography, Respect, and Responsibility: A Letter to the Hotel Industry

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