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Just saw this post on Facebook from our friend Shelley Lubben.

Shelley is a tireless anti-porn activist who–through her organization Pink Cross–dedicates her time to getting the whole truth out about pornography and helping women and men who are ensnared in the lifestyle. You can read Shelley’s story here. Originally printed in Salvo issue 12 (Spring 2010).

The Story of Shelley Lubben, Former Porn Star
by Judith Reisman

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Chris Hedges, in Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle, writes that the “cruelty” of the “new” pornography “takes a toll on the bodies, as well as the emotions, of porn actresses.” But someone is trying to help them:

The Pink Cross booth has a table of anti-porn tracts and is set up in the far corner of the Sands Expos Convention Center in Las Vegas. It is an unlikely participant at the annual Adult Video News (AVN) expo. Pink Cross is a Christian outreach program for women in the porno industry, run by ex-porn star Shelley Lubben.

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