Citizens Gone Wild

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So great is his individualism that he resents ever being told what to do, under any circumstances. He thus deems moderation a “want of manhood” and thriftiness “illiberal”; he dignifies license as “liberty” and shamelessness as “manly spirit” (560d–e). In such an unruly ethos, teachers fear and fawn upon their students; children have no reverence for parents, and servants none for masters; and even animals aggressively bump people in the street (563a–d). Ultimately, democratic men “pay no heed even to the laws written or unwritten, so that forsooth they may have no master anywhere over them” (563d). Democracy leads to anarchy, and thence to tyranny (562a ff.).

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From the most recent issue of Salvo (Summer 2012), Cameron Wybrow looks at Plato’s Republic and discovers the disturbingly familiar characteristics of the unrestrained democratic man. That’s not the whole story though. Read the rest.

And I just stumbled upon this blog post at Had Enough Therapy? about some, uh, unrestrained democratic women. The post is referring to a reality TV show called Miss Advised:

Like it or not, these women demonstrate that liberation is an exercise in negativity. It is not about following rules. It’s about breaking rules. Two of the three make a point of saying that they do not know how to follow rules or to take advice, as though that is something to be proud of.

Of course, if your only rule is the ideological necessity to violate all the old rules, you are being defined, negatively, by the old rules. If you cannot calculate the real cost of such behavior, you are a zealot.

If the old rules told women to be demure and modest, these women are outrageously immodest.

You can read his review of the show here: Miss Advised: Living the Feminist Nightmare

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