Book and Movie Blips from the Latest Issue of Salvo

There are a number of movies and books well worth your time in the BLIPS section from this issue, including this one:

The Sunset Limited
A suicidal, atheist intellectual (Tommy Lee Jones) and an uneducated, Christian ex-con (Samuel L. Jackson) discuss the great questions and quandaries of human existence. Is there purpose to life? Is there a reason to live? Is there a God? It’s a full 90 minutes of masterfully written and superbly acted dialogue that leaves the viewer to choose which side of the questions to come down on.

Among the other titles included are: When Hell Was in Session by Admiral Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr.; Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion & Naturalism by Alvin Plantinga; The Founding Fathers of Early Sexualization; and Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today.

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