What’s the Harm in the Same-Sex Marriage Agenda?

From Salvo issue 15 (Winter 2010):

Wedding Plans
What’s the Harm in the Same-Sex Marriage Agenda?
by Alan F. H. Wisdom

Proponents of same-sex marriage have an argument that they believe trumps all others: “Suppose my same-sex partner and I were to get married,” they ask. “How would that harm your heterosexual marriage?” The question is rhetorical. The answer is assumed to be: “My heterosexual marriage would not be harmed in the slightest.” The conclusion follows naturally: If same-sex marriage causes you no harm, then why not permit it?

This simple argument conceals an assumption that, once granted, virtually gives away the game to the same-sex ­advocates. The assumption is that marriage is a purely private affair involving the emotional attachment between two autonomous individuals. If that assumption is true, then the private emotional attachment between two members of the same sex has no necessary effect on the private emotional attachment between their opposite-sex neighbors.

But the entire history of marriage bears witness against that assumption. Heretofore, marriage has never been a purely private relationship. It has been a social institution with a set of rules: It takes two to marry. Everyone has a limited pool of potential mates. You cannot marry a minor. You cannot marry a close relative. You cannot marry someone who is already married. And you cannot marry someone of the same sex. These rules apply equally to all.

Marriage always involves more than the two spouses. That’s why witnesses are required. That’s why brides and grooms usually seek the presence of parents and other family and friends. That’s why the state registers marriages and treats married couples differently from single persons.

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