Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and the Gender Wars

Earlier this month President Obama came out in support of gay ‘marriage.’ (Selections from the video in which he made the remarks can be viewed here). Moreover, the Presidents’ itinerary suggests that he will have more to say on the subject of same-sex ‘marriage’ in the days immediately ahead.
Everyone is talking about this announcement, together with the remarks of Vice President Biden that preceded it, as if it is a real shock. To those who have been carefully watching the president, however, it comes as no surprise. Last year President Obama told the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the federal courts.
DOMA was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996 and mandates that the federal government can only recognize a union between one man and one woman as being a ‘marriage’. DOMA also restricts benefits to married couples.
The Attorney General also announced last year (on Feb. 23) that the President believes DOMA discriminates against homosexuals by denying them marital benefits.
The final stage in this process will either be for individual states or the federal government itself to grant legal recognition to same-sex ‘marriage.’ If and when that ever happens, we know from the example of Sweden what the result will be.
In an article I published earlier this week with the Colson Center, I showed that ever since 2009 when the Swedish government passed a gender neutral marriage law, allowing for homosexual “marriages,” the nation has been working overtime to try to eradicate gender distinctions from every other facet of life. There is a relentless logic at work. After all, if the distinctions between men and women do not matter with respect to marriage, then we might legitimately ask where you draw the line. If it is the case (as advocates of same-sex “marriage”, and now the President, argue is the case) that trying to preserve gender distinctions with respect to marriage is an act of discrimination, sexism, and bigotry, then why is it legitimate to maintain these distinctions in any area of life? That is the question Sweden is now asking, and the answers they are giving are hardly reassuring. To read my article about this, click on the following link:

5 thoughts on “Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and the Gender Wars

  1. The Constitution guarantees “equal protection” to everyone. DOMA is unconstitutional in that it denies equal protection to gays who seek marriage. Further, marriage is a state matter, not a federal matter. Therefore, this law must be overturned. If you are a conservative then you must oppose it on constitutional principles.

  2. Perhaps we should oblige those that wish for all forms of religion to be out of the public sphere by demanding that the government stop doing marriages at all, and restrict the government to only performing civil unions for anyone that comes before Caesar for approval of their joining. My wife and I had a court ‘marriage’ one year prior to going in front of God to be declared as one in marriage, and I still to this day count the day in church as my anniversary date. I am continuously bewildered by those that say that they are people of Christ, while they petition Caesar for the things that Christ said no to.

  3. People who suffer from same sex attraction are perfectly free to marry someone of the opposite sex just as anyone else. There is no discrimination unless you posit a entirely new and different type of human being.

    Of course that is exactly why those who support the oxymoron of same-sex-marriage are attempting to create–an entirely new type of human being.

    That doesn’t fly with me.

  4. The fact that you can’t sell your daughter for three goats and cow means we’ve already redefined marriage!

  5. Corporations are allowed to merge and the term “corporate marriage” is used to define that arrangement. If corporations are allowed that privilege, then human beings should be allowed no less.

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