War on Boys and Moms Update

by James M. Kushiner

James Taranto has been writing a lot lately at the WSJ about matters pertaining to the sexes (or is that supposed to be the ‘genders’?!), and this article today will only put him in deeper trouble with the uncultured elites, not that he seems to care. Feminism and the sexual revolution have been disasters, unless you think general cultural decline and decadence are signs of progress worth agitating for. You denigrate stay at home moms and motherhood itself, and surprise, men have also slipped out the back door. It use to be a sign of a man’s honor and a expression of his manhood and maturity that he would strive become a dependable “breadwinner” and a support for his wife who labored at home, the mother of their children. I am thinking of the period of time in which my grandparents lived, and to an extent, my parents. Back to Taranto, the notion that chastity might depend more on the fear of boys than on the reticence of girls is a new thought, made possible, it seems, by the message received from the courts.

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