Studies Confirm That Conservatives Are Stupid

by Michael Avramovich
(originally posted at Mere Comments)

I had always been led to suspect as much, but several new studies from the United Kingdom have linked political and social conservatism with low intelligence. (A review of the studies does not address whether religious conservatism also attracts persons with low intelligence.) The researchers looked to two studies of citizens in the United Kingdom. The children in these studies (one group born in March 1958 and the second born in April 1970) had their intelligence assessed at ages 10 and 11, and then as adults at ages 30 or 33. For the adults, the level of social conservatism was measured. Social conservatives were defined as people who agreed with a list of postmodern statements such as “family life suffers if mum is working full-time.” Moreover, the researchers concluded (as the researchers originally suspected) that low intelligence in childhood was equated with conservatism.

So, what are we to do? Perhaps conservatives in the United Kingdom are more stupid than conservatives in other nations. Or would the conclusions of the study also apply here in the United States? I am surprised that we haven’t had HHS funding for such a study in the United States yet. Or perhaps no studies were necessary as researchers might already presuppose an answer as it has been determined (with your tax dollars) that rats on cocaine prefer Miles Davis over Beethoven.


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