Thought Surveillance

In an article I wrote for this blog back in 2010 and in an article I wrote for my personal blog in 2009, I drew attention to some of the ways that the UK is slipping into the Orwellian-type of totalitarian. I pointed out that the British government has been taking an acute interest, not simply in what their citizens are doing, but in what they are thinking.

I had hoped that by moving to America I was escaping from this type of cognitive totalitarianism. After all, I reasoned to myself, if thoughts are not free, what else is? However, I pointed that America is not far behind. As I wrote in my 2009 article, ‘Thought Control‘:

The de facto criminalization of certain thought has also found expression as a mechanism for short-circuiting debate within the American media. On issues such as intelligent design, global warming, homosexual rights, abstinence education and a host of other questions, American liberals allow for only one correct viewpoint. In a final swipe of McCarthyism, those who dissent from the grinding uniformity demanded by the liberal establishment are treated, not as mistaken, but as bad. Thus, journalists who dissent from climate change hysteria, for example, do not require refutation but stand in need of therapy, since any alternative interpretation to global warming automatically puts one on the same level as delusional flat-earthers.

Fast forward to the present and I am here to inform you that the United States has officially caught up with Britain in policing ideas.

At least, that is what many critics fear may be the result of the decisions reached during the three days of talks that recently occurred between the American State Department and representatives from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The UN resolution promoted by the State Department and the OIC contain provisions which, if taken literally, would make it a criminal offence to criticize Islam. Essentially, if emplemented, the UN resolution could make simple statements (thoughts?) such as “Portions of the Koran promote violence” a case of ‘derogatory stereotyping’ and punishable by law.

To read more about this, see Jonathan Turley’s op-ed piece for the Los Angeles Times or my own report at Alfred the Great Society.

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