Wheaton College Science Symposium 2012

Today Salvo will be among the attendees for day two of this conference at Wheaton. You can find the schedule here. Stop by if your in the area! Below is the introduction to this event from the Wheaton College website:

Evolutionary theory today offers answers to questions about the nature and patterns of genetic change in populations and the integration of structure and function in molecular, cellular and genetic processes. It explains the demographic and environmental conditions leading to genetic disjunction, morphological differentiation, and reproductive isolation (speciation) in populations, the phylogeny and common ancestry of different populations relative to one another, the origin of the human species, and the origin of life from non-living material.

The explanations offered by modern evolutionary theory are often not critically evaluated in mainstream science and in biology textbooks which serve as the primary vehicle through which students learn about the theory and its roles.  Answers provided by modern evolutionary theory are frequently speculative because of the nature of the events under investigation. These events often presumably occurred millions (or even billions) of years ago and are therefore not subject to the criteria of testability in the same way that scientific experiments conducted in the laboratory are expected to be. Furthermore, because the interpretation of evolutionary theory is often made with reference to assumptions that are grounded in an atheistic worldview, many Christians are justifiably skeptical of accepting many claims associated with evolutionary theory.

A Christian undergraduate institution such as Wheaton College enjoys the unique opportunity to critically evaluate human theories and other modes of explanation from the perspective that “all truth is God’s truth.” Wheaton College believes that God is the creator and sustainer of life and the author of Holy Scripture.  Therefore, Wheaton College encourages study and debate that seeks to understand the relationship between the insights of Scripture and the findings of science.  Since the claims of evolutionary science have been seen as incompatible with certain theological interpretations, these interactions are worthy of attention.

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