The Sexual Revolution–More Influence on the World than Any Other

This is from an interview with author Mary Eberstadt at the Catholic World Report. I’ve pasted an excerpt below, but I recommend reading the entire interview.

. . . There is an even wider meaning to the manifest unease over these issues that everyone thought settled. That is the legacy of the sexual revolution, whose consequences in one realm after another are only beginning to be understood. As the founder of Harvard’s sociology department, Pitirim Sorokin, once observed, it is a revolution that in the long run may have more influence on the world than any other—and we’re only beginning to understand it.

In that sense—and in a way that the sexual liberationists and their allies really don’t get—it doesn’t matter where you stand on the matter of religion. You could be a Wiccan. You could be a Carmelite. You could be Lady Gaga’s biggest fan. No matter what, you are still affected by the sexual revolution in more ways than can be counted—economically, politically, personally, and otherwise, for reasons I try to explain in the book.

I’m just pointing out that to say the sexual revolution amounts to a “woman thing” is absurd. And this is true leaving aside the question of morality altogether. One way or another, regardless of where individuals stand, the Western world and the rest of the world will have to grapple with the legacy of the revolution—and not just now, but centuries from now. Reducing this enormous phenomenon to something personal, a mere matter of women’s prerogatives, is just that: indefensibly reductionist.

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4 thoughts on “The Sexual Revolution–More Influence on the World than Any Other

  1. Consequences mainly hit the women…and their young..

    And the consequences are mainly BAD!

    Just check…what is the biggest group living at the Poverty level?

  2. “Faith: No one word personifies the absolute worst and most wicked policies of religion better than that. Faith is mind-rot — it’s a poison that destroys critical thinking, undermines evidence, and leads people into lives dedicated to absurdity. It’s a parasite that’s regarded as a virtue. I speak as a representative of the scientific faction of atheism here — it’s one thing we simply cannot compromise on. Faith is wrong, and at the same time faith is a central tenet of just about every religion on the planet. We can’t ignore that — that’s the thing we are interested in fighting.”–P.Z. Myers

  3. PZ Myers (a scientist/atheist who speaks for atheism…) is quoted above.

    The statement (as I read it) asks for a firm stand on one of his/their core beliefs…i.e. that religious faith is wrong…

    QUOTE from above response “… I speak as a representative of the scientific faction of atheism here — it’s one thing we simply cannot compromise on. Faith is wrong…”

    However, he does not offer proof as to WHY his assertion should be accepted..trusted(that religious faith is wrong)…

    Thus we have “dogma versus dogma” here…

  4. PS..Today…wonder how many girls, women…sometimes boys…victims of sexual trafficking…a worldwide mass slavry going on in Thailand, other countries, and the city near you… will be fed, sheltered, counseled, helped to get a job or job training…by persons who are pronounced atheists?

    Probably some.

    Compare that to how many girls, women, boys — will be rescued from this horror (human trafficking) by persons of faith.

    Probably thousands and thousands and thousands more.

    Am making this assertion based on the faith based rescue organizations I see in bad neighborhoods…

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