Save the Males!

Forget about saving the whales: it’s the males we are in danger of losing.

At least, that is what Kathleen Parker argues in her book Save the Males: Why Men Matter Why Women Should Care.

Combining humorous anecdotes with scholarly research, Parker makes a convincing case that the men of our society are in danger, not so much of becoming extinct, but of ceasing to be men in the fullest sense.

Here is what Publisher Weekly had to say about the book:

According to columnist Parker, men are an endangered species struggling against everything from mere hostility to literal emasculation. Starting in elementary school, where a teacher most likely a feminist will demand that boys sit still and listen and continuing through college, where freshmen must endure rape awareness workshops, men are besieged by disrespect. Belittled by bumbling portrayals in sitcoms, their importance as fathers is so devalued that they are perceived as little more than sperm and a wallet. Parker trots out the usual suspects—mass culture, unspecified feminists, The Vagina Monologues, Murphy Brown, metrosexuals and girlymen—to propose that a feminist campaign is afoot and eager to effeminize, denigrate and destroy American men.

I think Parker is onto something, not least because the feminization of men is something that we have covered here at Salvo. (See S. T. Karnick’s article ‘Girly Men: The Media’s Attack on Masculinity’ for starters.)

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3 thoughts on “Save the Males!

  1. Its sad on what they are doing to men today. I happen to like watching old youtube vids to see what ‘real men’ acted like or sorta acted like of ALL COLORS. Even black men were shown as men and not thug/wimps. Men are starting to use (sigh) moisturizer as much as women even if they dont need it and their skin is thicker. Hey, I like a more ‘rugged’ face on a guy, and that includes a few wrinkles,,,no jowls please…LOL…Since ‘gay’ marriage went thru, I’m worried about how our newborn daughters, when they get a certain age, WILL find any. I read that POLYGAMY may be the law of the land eventually. Two men cant make children but two WOMEN with one MAN can make lots. Actually, women who act like ‘men’ may have granddaughters sharing a rich man IF this doesnt turn around soon—-If marriage isnt protected as ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN it isnt protected at ALL..WE may actually see the young girls throwing their husbands out the kitchen,wearing confortable feminine skirts and dresses (that would be revolutionary;just like the boomers burned their bras etc.) and them wanting to be ‘barefoot and pregnant’ and their husbands LOVING every minute

  2. Judging by the title of her book, Kathleen Parker has written a book we males feel like writing. That she would bother to write a book in defense of the male sex makes me want to read it. I’d also like to, if I ever have the good fortune of meeting her, give her a hug for what she’s put her reputation on the line for doing(any woman that stands up for us gents like this is too good to shake hands with).

  3. It’s ironic that a not small number of females that dress masculine(at times to the point of owning ZERO skirts and dresses and wearing boyishly short hair) have a different set of rules for males. The more militant feminists don’t want to see men and women as equals so much as they want to see men as inferior to women.

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