Murder House is Pro-Life?

A sidebar from Karen Swallow Prior’s article on American Horror Story from the current Salvo. 

A Pro-Abortion Nightmare!

Pro-choice bloggers are horrified by American Horror Story‘s “conservative values.” One article claims that the sexual violence committed against one of the show’s gay characters “can be interpreted as a conservative condemnation of homosexuality” (because, apparently, sexual violence is a conservative value?)—never mind that the show’s creator is openly gay. The same article complains that the abortions represent a “social-conservative view: as the murder of babies.” 1

Another blogger laments that the show encourages viewers “to associate abortion with the dark, unholy and wrong,” that it sends the “anti-choice” message that “doctors who perform abortions are bad,” and that the baby-filled jars in the basement convey the idea that “abortion = murdering babies.” The writer concludes, “At a time when American women’s reproductive rights are under attack, American Horror Story‘s handling of abortion is the most horrific thing about the show.”2

Another reviewer finds the abortion theme so central to the show that she dubs it an “American [Abortion] Story.”3 Similarly, calls American Horror Story “an abortion horror story” because it “blames the years and years of horror occurring in a scary house on a 1920’s drug-addicted doctor who performed late term, unsafe abortions in his basement.” The writer says the show is “the most heinously anti-choice propaganda I have ever seen. Period. When I say that, I include the anti-­abortion signs protestors hold up at anti-choice rallies and in front of abortion clinics.”4 Wow.

The Washington Post‘s entertainment blogger, Jen Chaney, explains that “the spirit of the house somehow influences people to try to procreate. Why? Because the house is atoning for the sins of abortion performing doctor Dr. Charles Montgomery, its original owner. That’s right: Murder House is pro-life.”5

—Karen Swallow Prior

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