Discriminating Policies

Blogger Wintery Knight brings to attention this article at Public Discourse. Vanderbilt’s Right to Despise Christianity:

Vanderbilt University has decided that Christian student groups that hold traditional Christian religious views are not welcome on campus. They will no longer be recognized as valid student organizations. Vanderbilt’s reason is that such groups require that their leaders be Christian—that is, that their leaders embrace certain core principles of Christianity and try to live according to these principles. In Vanderbilt’s view, religious beliefs and standards “discriminate” against those students who do not subscribe to them. Therefore, student religious groups with religious beliefs and standards are banned.

The situation would be unbelievable—were it not true. continue reading . . .

Salvo subscribers will remember this story from the last issue when A. W. R. Hawkins wrote about it (Members Only: Can an Atheist Join a Christian Campus Fellowship?). It seems that the situation has progressed since then. We made a fake ad attempting to poke fun at Vanderbilt and its idiotic policy. I mean, are they gonna let someone who hates chess and doesn’t know anything about the game be the captain of the chess club?

This situation is starting to get less funny.

From Salvo 19:

One thought on “Discriminating Policies

  1. When I see things like this, I rejoice. Jesus promised us that we would face persecution, whether active or passive. When I read in the news that I and others who share the same unifying faith in Christ will soon face yet another passive (or even active) persecution, it hurts and deeply saddens me. And yet, I rejoice, because it proves again that Christ’s words were true. This leads me to another promise, that when we are persecuted, we will be blessed.

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