Salvo Fake Ads Predict the Future

Well, predicting the future isn’t quite the right way to say it. We just look at cultural trends and take them one or two steps further. That’s why the good ones are funny for a second, and then actually pretty discouraging. Take this one, for example. Back in issue 17 we came up with a fake ad for a software that continually scours your blog and changes words that have fallen out of PC favor:

So today I stumbled upon this gem at the Huffington Post:

Is It Time To Retire The Word ‘Wife’?

On Facebook recently, the writer Amy Tan wrote of a war of wills (and words) that she was having with her new word-processing software. “It admonishes me with editing remarks, like, “Gender specific term, consider using ‘spouse’ instead of ‘wife,’ ” she wrote.

Tan didn’t think too much of that particular suggestion, but perhaps her Pages program is onto something. What, nowadays, is the meaning of the word wife? It certainly is not what it used to be — but it hasn’t yet come to mean something new, either.

. . .

So some word processing programs are really doing this kind of thing? We were only joking! I would advise looking at the Salvo fake ads to see where we may be heading. But don’t despair. There are many people out there who still see this stuff for the craziness that it is. Our intention is only to make sure that our readers are aware of what’s going on out there.

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