Occupy Gender-Normative Pre-Conceptions

I was informed that there was an “Occupy Valentine’s Day” blog so I had to check it out. I told a co-worker about it’s existence and he asked if I was it’s creator. While that zinger did give me a very hardy laugh, no, I didn’t come up with it. In fact, I don’t even really get it. How do these people decide what to “occupy” anyways? My guess is that they just occupy things they hate, things like “gender-normative pre-conceptions.” I don’t know. But my advice to you is to check it out and do the opposite. For example, there’s this post:

I am in love with the sexiest, coolest, smartest, most creative, intense, determined, spiritual and passionate person I know.. and I’m looking at him in the mirror right now. I will not be in love with anyone else until I find an equal. No one else will do. I will not settle. No one has gotten me in all my time in this world, and its fine. Someone out there will get me someday. And I will get him or her. Today and always, let love continue to be a mystery.

Someone who just assumes they were born the most awesomest person ever and that an amazing love will just magically come to them probably doesn’t spend much time actually trying to become a better person/companion. Am I missing something here?

One thought on “Occupy Gender-Normative Pre-Conceptions

  1. Is the writer’s name Narcissus? Hope he/she does not drown (emotionally) in self contemplation.

    I personally find stale limits if I contemplate myself too much…(boring, boring) but then if I contemplate people, events, GOD…I’m refreshed.

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