Future Man

from the website io9.com

Is this a portrait of a human 50 million years from now?

We recently rounded up the most nightmare-inducing creations of speculative zoologist Dougal Dixon. Here’s another one of Dixon’s futuristic Homo sapiens. This being is more or less a psychic raspberry strudel.

. . . .

Interesting. But my money is on the future man being more like the Borg. Technology will push the idea of “The Evolution of Man” in a direction that nature couldn’t dream of. Although, I don’t think nature alone could dream up that brainy looking possum-man pictured above either.


See Better Than Human: The Transhumanist Transition to a Technological Future and Welcome to the Jungle: Marshall McLuhan, Media, and the Ecology of the Digital Age. Both by John Coleman for Salvo.

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