Theistic Arguments by Plantinga

Subscribers to Salvo will remember an article from issue 17 by Greg L. Bock that was a dialogue about God & the problem of evil. In it Bock refers to some of the arguments made by Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga. It's not officially online yet, but you can flip to it in a digital version here (p. 16).

Well, I wanted to pass along this link to a free download to a paper by Plantinga titled TWO DOZEN (OR SO) THEISTIC ARGUMENTS. It includes "The Argument from Intentionality," "The argument From (Natural) numbers," "The Argument from physical constants," "The Argument from Simplicity" and many others. Not exactly what you call light reading, but thought it well worth passing on. 

Free eBooklet: "Two Dozen Theistic Arguments," by Alvin Plantinga

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One thought on “Theistic Arguments by Plantinga

  1. I totally agree with your iartcle. How come religion and science have to be DIFFERENT and OPPOSED to so many people. What’s wrong with combining them. I always explained it like this. Ok, so what if we did come from a fish, for example? Well what’s to say god didn’t say, Hey, I think I’m gonna make that fish evolve into something more than a fish. It may have even taken thousands of years or whatever, but he’s God, for him it’s like chilling out with some popcorn and watching a movie.Everyone always wants to be RIGHT! My way or the highway! But isn’t that EGO and Vanity and thus a Sin? I dunno.. People put WAY too many limitations on God, trying to fit him onto their little box.

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