Defending Life

A colorful–yet entirely appropriate and called for–response by a Live Action bloger named Kristen Walker to a recent Jezebel post. Definitely worth a read:

The idiotic blog Jezebel is a Gawker-powered hipster-feminist look at celebrities, gossip, sex, and politics. They want you to know they’ve had it up to here with your patriarchal rules, and they’re going to show you with their liberal use of the F-word and refreshing disregard for facts.

“The Year In Your Uterus,” a feature written by Erin Gloria Ryan, kicks off the first sentence with a swear word, to show you she is cool and snarky, and then jumps right into lying in the second paragraph. Here we go:

A strange and terrible group took interest in your uterus this year. They call themselves Personhood USA, and they want to redefine “person” to include all human tissue, starting at the moment of conception. Mass legal acceptance of this scientifically inaccurate principle would make it completely illegal for anyone to have an abortion, receive many forms of IVF, or take the morning after pill on account of the fact that, according to magic, a fetus becomes a grown ass human being at the moment the sperm decides it is.

Untruth #1:  No one is suggesting that all “human tissue” is a person. This is a stupid argument I hear all the time. “Well, okay, if an embryo is a human than I guess an ear or a nose is a human, too, huh?” No, genius. An embryo is a human because it is a whole, entire, separate human person. An ear and a nose are a piece of a human. I know it’s hard to wrap your tiny brain around the concept that an embryo is a human because it is really, really small, but we all start out that way. Infants are really small, too, compared to full-grown people. In our earliest stages of development, we are microscopic. . . .

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Ms Walker then goes on to lampoon the accusation that the Personhod USA stance is "scientifically inaccurate" in like manner,* and concludes with some earnest concerns about her taxes funding other people's ill advised sexual conduct.

And more from Salvo:

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*See also the Salvo DECODE'S of the hi-jacked words Fetus and Science

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