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Clarity on Cohabitation Report

“Report: Cohabiting Has Little Effect on Marriage Success”

The New York Times:
“Study Finds Cohabiting Doesn’t Make Unions Last”

Two stories on the same report published the same day in two very different kinds of newspapers with completely opposite conclusion. Interesting!

So which one gets the story right?

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I wanted to point you to another online resource to help you think critically on matters of sex and relationships. With conflicting stories like those cited above, it's helpful to have some guidance. This organization is called Abstinence and Marriage Education Partnership. Beyond what you would assume from the name, their basic message is simple. Sex is not free. And we all need to stop ignoring the cost.

Enough time has past to where we can evaluate the fallout of a culture-wide "consequence-free love" mentality. It simply has to be admitted that the worldview behind the sexual revolution is hollow and basically leaves each of us to figure it out for ourselves. Of course in a sense that's always been true, insofar as we all gotta grow up on our own and etc. But I'm talking more about how gone are the days when a dad gave his son actual, practical advice about women. And the same goes for moms and daughters. Few seem to have a clue. And consequently each generation is left, er, groping in the darkness. And the results of such confusion can be devastating for men and women.

For our part here at Salvo, each issue of the magazine contains a section devoted to sex. Here's a short list of some of our more popular (and vilified) articles from the website:

Reckless Entanglement: The Dead-End Nature of "Friends with Benefits" by Terrell Clemmons

Try Before You Buy? Not If You Are Looking for a Marriage That Will Endure Inevitable Trials by Greg Koukl

Cohabitation: Marriage Lite or the New Concubinage? by Alan F. H. Wisdom

Saved Sex: Loving Our Young People Enough to Tell Them the Truth by Terrell Clemmons

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