Reader Comment on “Saved Sex” Article

Here is a reader comment on Saved Sex: Loving Our Young People Enough to Tell Them the Truth by Terrell Clemmons that I thought worth sharing here.

It seems to me that this article simply states what thousands of years of human history confirms – self discipline and self restraint are the hallmark of a well-adjusted civilized society. Where those are absent we have barbarism.

We are now beginning to reap the consequences of the social experiment that has cast off all self discipline and self restraint as if it is impossible for persons to have either. That is a lie and one we have accepted in the name of political correctness. Being self absorbed and self indulgent are the hallmarks of our culture which continues to become more barbaric; from killing kids in school, on the streets of our cities, in our sterile clinics or in our homes, to road rage, workplace carnage, incidents at sporting events, and even our sexual relationships.

If 80% of our children's values are formed before age 13 then the time to teach the values that lead to a civilized culture are when they are children. Any educator worth their salt educates with a desired result in mind. If the desired results are STD's, teenage pregnancy, and abortion, selfishness and self indulgence without regard to the consequences (especially to the other person) then educate young people to be sexually active and make them believe that there is no other alternative. But if the desired result is responsibility, respect for others, self discipline, self restraint and well-being then teach them these things. I have found that most people young or old usually will live up to the expectations presented to them.

Is it a perfect solution – no. There are no perfect solutions because there are no perfect people. But it is certainly a better solution than the current social experiment gone bad.

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