Rap Battle, Only the Fit Survive

While looking through the latest issue of Wired during lunch today I came across a funny little article titled "Mo Creationism, Mo Problems." It's about a Canadian rapper called Baba Brinkman (a.k.a "Hip Hop Richard Dawkins" (not kidding)) who apparently spits hot fire all over those who question that the universe is simply a product of dark matter and dark energy mixed with blind chance. Well, I had to investigate further, so I went to Baba's website. His "The Rap Guide to Evolution" album was released over two years ago, which makes me wonder why Wired is giving this attention now. Is it "Faux-Intellectual Novelty Music & Diversity Awareness" month or something?

Anyhow, I was quite surprised to see a quote from a First Things review prominently displayed:

"Sadly reductionist, but [he] finds the courage to sin boldly." —FirstThings.com (Christian website)

Amused, and being a fan of First Things, I had to click through to read more. The review is good, and I recommend the whole article, but here's the bit that I especially enjoyed.

. . . .

And when it’s time to talk smack and boast that he’s doper than those other MCs, as they say, his chosen foe is creationism:

If you have an explanation in mind, then you’re /Wastin’ your time, ‘cause the best watchmaker is blind /It takes a certain base kind of impatient mind /To explain away nature with “intelligent design” / But the truth shall set you free / From those useless superstitious beliefs /In a literal Adam and Eve, and that Edenic myth / ‘Cause their family tree is showin’ some genetic drift / Take it from this bald-headed non-celibate monk / With the lyrical equivalent of an elephant’s trunk…

The inevitable question is, is this the right medium for this message? Mostly not, so the high entertainment value of evolution rap comes from its status as a self-aware, comically incongruous novelty. But there are some points where the Darwinist message and the hip hop form come together fittingly. Baba doesn’t just rap about evolution, but also believes in the evolution of rap, and in rap as a product of bio-cultural evolution.

. . .

That's enough right there to make one wonder just where Baba is getting these "facts" he's dropping on us, isn't it?

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