Oh Waiter, My Water Isn’t Hydrated

EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration

Brussels bureaucrats were ridiculed yesterday after banning drink manufacturers from claiming that water can prevent dehydration.

EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact.

Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month.

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Hopefully after another three-year investigation they will tell us that water is not really wet.

4 thoughts on “Oh Waiter, My Water Isn’t Hydrated

  1. My word, are these folks totally illerate? The very word hydrate conotes the presence of water. To de-hydrate means to take water away.
    Are these the same people who promise to save us from global warming?

  2. The most effective measure of a gentleman’s honesty isn’t his taxes return. It is the zero adjust on his bathroom scale.
    Reason and judgment include the qualities of a leader.

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