Occupying Passion & Purpose?

I received an email this morning from one-time Salvo writer John Coleman announcing a new book he has co-written. It looks like it tells some stories that need to be heard right about now. Read a part of the email announcement below.

Passion&purposeI'm excited to announce the arrival of my new book, Passion and Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders. Published by Harvard Business Review Press and co-authored with Daniel Gulati and Oliver Segovia, It includes 26 stories from young business leaders, survey results from more than 500 MBAs, and contributions from senior leaders like Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy, HBS Dean Nitin Nohria, and author and former Medtronic CEO Bill George.

Dan, Oliver, and I have been inspired by the creativity, passion, and purpose we've seen in so many of our peers and colleagues. This is a book about their stories and the trends shaping next generation business leadership. We hope it will be interesting and inspirational for senior executives, students, MBA applicants, and anyone interested in the future of business leadership. We also hope it can be part of a larger conversation about the future of leadership.

How can you interact with Passion and Purpose? 

John has written a number of articles for Salvo. This piece on Marshall McLuhan, Media, and the Ecology of the Digital Age from issue 3 is an especially good read.

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