Mars, Signs of Life & the Rest of the Story

Fobos-grunt__1From the Discovery Channel News website:

Mars Probe 'First Sign of Life' Raises Hopes

Here is a perfect example of why you need to read the rest of the story. This article is actually merely reporting on Russia's Phobos-Grunt Mars Probe being busted, but that now it is showing a "sign of life." The title of this story really gives you a different impression though, doesn't it? Multiply this one misleading headline by a couple hundered over the course of a few years and you could have a pretty skewed version of reality going on. 

Salvo16Salvo senior editor Casey Luskin has pointed this phenomenon out to us before. In one of his articles, he shows how someone's views on synthetic life, extraterrestrial life, and abiogenesis are pretty much entirely fictional if based solely on headlines and breaking science news stories. (see "Sci-Fact or Sci-Fi? What We Won't Learn from Hyped-Up Science News Headlines")

And of course, your understanding on the missing link will be based on just a lot of hype as well. (see "The Big Ida: The Rise & Fall of Another Missing Link & Other Media Hype")

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