Help Keep Salvo Going! Plus a Sneak Peek at the Next Issue.

Did you know that Salvo is only a few hundred dollars from reaching our matching grant goal? Thank you to everyone who has supported Salvo over the years! We could not be printing without you. But we still need your help. Please consider helping us reach our goal, we're only about two hundred dollars away!

Also, we're hard at work on the new issue. It goes to press next Friday. While it's not yet in its final form, I wanted to post the cover and a bit of the table of contents so you can see what's coming your way from Salvo.


SALVO issue 19: Winter 2011 – Mail Date: Dec. 7

Let’s Just Reduce Our Altruism, Morals &
Love to Brain Waves
by Tom Gilson

R & R with Marcia Segelstein
Anchored Man: Interview with Brit Hume

Sex & the Kiddies
The Sexualization of Children & How Advertising & Entertainment Change Their Brains
by Robin Phillips

Undercover with Terrell Clemmons
Reckless Entanglement: The Dead-End Nature of “Friends with Benefits”

Hazmats with Judith Reisman
Coming Attractions: Is Pedophilia the Next Sexual Perversion to Become Normalized?

Biological Software
Darwin Can’t Connect Your iPod to a Printer
by Richard W. Stevens

Deprogram with Denyse O’Leary
Brain Scams: Have Some Neuroscientists Lost Their Minds?

Operation ID with Casey Luskin
Eyeballing Design: ‘Biomimetics’ Reveals Flaws in Darwinism

Plus much more!

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