Street Walkers

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Slutting Their Stuff

Embracing a Crass Word Is No Defense Against a Real Danger

The latest desperate bid for attention by publicity-starved feminists is to sponsor SlutWalks—events at which scantily clad women take to the streets en masse to claim their "right" to dress and behave however they want or to go anywhere at any time without the risk of being sexually assaulted or deemed to be streetwalkers.

Granted, the feminists have gotten a lot of mileage out of their attempt to displace the romance of Valentine's Day with their crude and brassy V-Day performances (in case you've been living under a rock, the "V" is shorthand for The Vagina Monologues) but if anything illustrates just how outrageous and passé the movement has become, it is the feminists' delusional attempt to take back the term "slut." They propose somehow to make the point that, even if what they wear, their drunken state, or their presence alone in a very dangerous place might indicate their willingness to participate in a sexual free-for-all, women should not be subject to lewd propositions or be at risk of being raped.

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21W8yOr0LJLBy the way, I am starting my own walk. It's going to be called "Chump Walk", and we're going to walk through cities at midnight with fifty dollar bills sticking out from our pockets. And also we're going to wear top hats and monocles.

It all started when I got mugged doing just that by myself one night (it makes me feel fancy). Well, I called the police and the officer took down my story and then had the nerve to tell me not to "jam all that cash in your pockets and walk around the city at night like a first-rate chump." Who is he to tell me not to be a chump if I want to be!

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