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Greenpeace welcomes European Court of Justice ruling on stem cells patents

Greenpeace welcomes today’s European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision that cells derived from human embryos cannot be patented, as patents on such cells would encourage the commercialization of human embryos.

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“By blocking the patenting and commercialization of human embryos the European Court of Justice has today strengthened the protection of human life against commercial interests within the EU", said Greenpeace International senior campaigner Lasse Bruun. “We hope that national patent offices follow the ECJ decision, by not granting patents on human embryonic cells”.

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062911_stemI guess it's not cool to use embryonic stem cells (cells obtained by aborting a human life) for commercial reasons. Got it. So that's the way to get progressives on board with socially conservative issues. Now if we can just convince the world that abortion providers are primarily commercial we'd really be getting somewhere. Of course, some organizations have been pointing this out for a while. See this review of the documentary Blood Money from Salvo 15.

The most powerful segments of Blood Money are the personal testimonies. Former abortion workers explain the dark modus operandi of the business. "We had a whole plan that sells abortions," says Carol Everett, who operated several abortion facilities in the late 1970s and early 1980s. "It's called sex education. [We'd] become the sex experts in their lives so that they'd turn to us. . . . Our goal was three to five abortions from every girl between the ages of thirteen and eighteen." The younger the girl when she first came in the better—that way she was more likely to become a repeat customer.

Everett discloses how the abortion industry has many ways to make cash registers ring: through the sale of sex education—coed of course, and in schools, away from parents; through the sale of contraceptives—with their known high failure rates; through the sale of abortion itself—the backup plan for contraceptive failure; and, in some cases, through the sale of aborted babies' body parts to researchers. And a portion of abortion-related income is continually reinvested in protectionist politicians who keep all this going.

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