Aiding AIDS?

Broken-promises-how-aids-establishment-has-betrayed-developing-edward-c-green-paperback-cover-art-1Broken Promises: How the AIDS Establishment has Betrayed the Developing World

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Ideological blinders have led to millions of preventable AIDS deaths in Africa. Dr. Edward C. Green, former director of the Harvard AIDS Prevention Project, describes how Western AIDS “experts” stubbornly pursued ineffective remedies and sabotaged the most successful AIDS prevention program on that ravaged continent. Drawing on 30 years of conducting research in Africa, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world in international health, Green offers a set of evidence-based and experience-rich solutions to the AIDS crisis. He calls for new emphasis on promoting sexual fidelity, the only strategy shown by research to work.  Controversial but important findings for health researchers, international development specialists, and policy makers.

I just wanted to direct readers to this book–and also to a very good interview with the author (below). This is just one example of how the anti-science label can be applied to those on the left. For that matter, any issue having to do with sex will show the same. Here's a good quote from the interview with Edward C. Green. Read the entire interview at the NRO website.

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LOPEZ: If there were one portion of Broken Promises you could highlight to policymakers in Washington, the U.N. . . . and Bill and Melinda Gates and Bono, what would it be?

GREEN: I think I’ve already said it: Abandon the pipe dream that we can eradicate AIDS through drugs or condoms (note that the majority of players are actually saying less about condoms nowadays) and understand that we have to deal with behavior (in the context of culture)! I am talking about sexual behavior and drug- or alcohol-addictive behavior. We simply can’t get around behavior and rely on technology fixes. Incidentally, I tried to find a way to reach Warren Buffett a few years ago when I heard that he planned to turn his billions over to the Gates Foundation. The message I was never able to get to him was: Please don’t throw good money after bad. Your friend Bill Gates certainly means well and he is to be applauded; but he’s being misled by the so-called AIDS experts. Drugs and condoms will not reduce HIV-infection rates at national or population levels.

By the way, I have formally debated the first AIDS adviser for the Gates Foundation, so I never even tried to get my message across there.

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See this Salvo article by Hunter Baker for more. Facts Evasion: When It Comes to Sex, the Left Hates Science

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