The Suicide Coaster–Why Didn’t We Think of That?

The Suicide Roller Coaster:

Want to enjoy the ride of your life along with the last ride of your life? That's what Julijonas Urbonas envisions with his Euthanasia Coaster.

The three-minute ride involves a long, slow, climb — nearly a third of a mile long — that lifts one up to a height of more than 1,600 feet, followed by a massive fall and seven strategically sized and placed loops. The final descent and series of loops take all of one minute. But the gravitational force — 10 Gs — from the spinning loops at 223 miles per hour in that single minute is lethal.

According to Urbonas, the "Euthanasia Coaster is a hypothetic euthanasia machine in the form of a roller coaster, engineered to humanely — with elegance and euphoria — take the life of a human being."

While the thought of merging the fun (and perhaps fear) of a rollercoaster with suicide, doesn't occur to most people, it was a no-brainer for designer Urbonas: "Briefly put, [the inspiration was] my PhD study and my long-term affair with amusement parks," he said via email to Discovery News.

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Now I really wish we would have come up with the roller coaster theme instead of the cruise ship theme (see below) for our entertainment/suicide ad. It would have been pretty wild to jokingly beat someone to the punch. We're not the only one to make light of this admittedly dark subject. See Bender's method of choice from Futurama.

From Salvo issue 12

FIN VOYAGE: It's your end-of-life, you be the captain!*


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