Saved Sex: Salvo 18

Ok, it's official. The new issue of Salvo is mailing, and the new website design is in place. So now it's time to start promoting the new stuff!

First up is this frank and honest article that answers some tough questions about human sexuality. It's interesting to note that guidelines are pretty much considered a good thing in every other area of the human experience (diet, being one that is especially focused upon these days), but suggesting (or teaching) anything short of full-blown bonobo monkey free-love makes one a prude! I am, of course, speaking lightly here, but Salvo contributing editor Terrell Clemmons explains it better. From the new issue:

Saved Sex

Loving Our Young People Enough to Tell Them the Truth
by Terrell Clemmons

Okay, I need to understand this 'victory,'" Jeannie started in. The governor of our state had just signed legislation stripping abortion giant Planned Parenthood of about $4 million in annual taxpayer funding. "First, you do not want to teach sex-ed and provide condoms in schools. Second, you do not want to fund an organization that provides contraception to prevent pregnancy. And you do not want abortion as an option. Do you really think that more teens will practice abstinence because of this?"

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