Take American Scientific Affiliation’s survey: Who knows, you could be a Christian atheist!

American Scientific Affiliation, more and more leaning to Christian Darwinism, is running a survey which you do not need to be a member to take part in, here.

Some interesting questions and responses:

“Consciousness and self-awareness emerged in hominids through evolutionary processes.” 33% agree. (So it wasn’t a gift of God; it just sort of happened.)

“Human behaviors, like kindness, care for children, competition, or desire for revenge, developed through evolutionary processes.” 35% agree. (God’s approval or disapproval is irrelevant; it just happened.)

Also: “Adam and Eve represent the first creatures to be human in a theological sense.”44% agree. It’s a good thing that “in a theological sense” doesn’t mean a dam thing. Look, if you came across a human skull in the woods, what would you do?

We thought so. Maybe, you have a legal obligation to report, but we bet that wasn’t what motivated you to rush off and do it.

How much time did you spend on “human ‘in a theological sense?’” No. We wouldn’t spend any time on it either.

“Human in a theological sense” is, for us, one of those scary concepts, like Francis Collins’ support for kill experiments on human embryos on the ground that God didn’t really intend them to exist, if they ended up in a kill experiment.

Christian Darwinism is just another church closer.

A friend complains,

The frustrating thing about this "survey" is that it is so poorly framed. There is no definition of "natural" let alone "evolutionary processes." And there are no clear options for those who want to indicate a belief in intelligent design in biology. This survey itself is one indication of what is wrong with the ASA.

How was that a problem for Darwin-lovin’ ASA and not a solution?

Denyse O'Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.

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