Only the British would do this: A troll spotting guide

 Here. The first seven species classified by James Delingpole (Telegraph Online, 31 July 2011) One species he describes:

3. Stalker troll. It takes a fairly sick mentality to want to be a troll. If you were in any way healthy, you would prefer to hang out the blogs of people you agree with, rather than maliciously setting out to disrupt those of people you hate.

Stalker troll is the sickest of the lot. He becomes obsessed with every last detail of life of the person whose blog he infests, in the hope of gleaning titbits which he can use against his nemesis. For example, one of the regular trolls on this blog makes frequent sneery references to the fact that I suffer from depression. This is bizarre. The reason he knows I suffer from depression is because I have written great big articles about it in the Daily Mail and The Spectator. Presumably this means, then, that my depression is not something I consider a weakness (Winston Churchill? Stephen Fry? etc) nor something I find embarrassing.

It could be worse, actually, as kairosfocus, one of the authors at Uncommon Decent, discovered: “Say hi to your kids for me.”

Fella, say hi to a police officer.

Denyse O'Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.

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