It’s not time that ends in the multiverse, it’s meaning

Here, New Scientist's Amanda Gefter explains, "Time need not end in the multiverse" (11 August 2011):

GAMBLERS already had enough to think about without factoring the end of time into their calculations. But a year after a group of cosmologists argued that they should, another team says time need not end after all.

In any infinite multiverse, everything that can happen, will happen – an infinite number of times. That has created a major headache for cosmologists, who want to use probabilities to make predictions, such as the strength of the mysterious dark energy that is accelerating the expansion of our own universe. How can we say that anything is more or less probable than anything else?

Then they found a way to do it. Keep betting heads.

Guy begging outside the race track told us that years ago.

And free lunch is served in the adjoining room forever.

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