“World” editor Marvin Olasky expects social Darwinism to figure in next American election

Here (7/15/2011).

For nearly a decade Democrats have sought a religious wedge issue that could separate big chunks of white evangelical voters from their Republican home. Now they've found it, and are thrusting at the Social Darwinist/Ayn Rand underbelly of American conservatism.

(Yale professor William Graham Sumner said that "Nature" has placed the downtrodden into a "process of decline and dissolution by which she removes things which have survived their usefulness." Johns Hopkins professor Simon Newcomb argued that human evolution required the death of today's "worthless" humans. One problem: People created in God's image are not "things" and are never "worthless.")

He decries the unhealthy influence of anti-Christian atheist and social Darwinist Ayn Rand on the conservative party, the Republicans.

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